Pasteurized Caviar

Pasteurized caviar can be prepared from roe of sturgeon of 1st or 2nd grade with or without addition of preservatives. Grains can be firm or with a weak membrane, any size and colour.

Caviar is packed in glass jars of capacity 28, 56 and 112 g, hermetically vacuum-sealed with tin lids with lithographic printing on them, and pasteurized. The process of heating goes in water tubs or autoclaves until the temperature 60-65 degrees Centigrade inside the jars is reached. Then the jars are cooled, quality checked and packed.

It is important to check that the jars are durable, clean and hermetically sealed. Before transportation each jar with caviar is wrapped in paper, and then they are packed in paper-lined boxes.

There are no grades for pasteurized caviar. Quality requirements for pasteurized caviar are the same as for 1st grade sturgeon caviar with the acceptance of insignificant mud flavor or acrimony. Pasteurized caviar with such quality indicators is considered standard. Ready to use product can be stored for a year at the temperature 0° Centigrade.

The requirements for pasteurized sturgeon caviar are the same as for 1st grade tinned caviar, however it is not graded. Acceptable content of table salt is 3 to 5 %. Grains should separate easily, the membrane of each grain should be quite firm.

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