Caviar Chillin’

High quality caviar is often consumed as is to experience the full flavor and texture of the roe. Some caviar is also used as a stuffing in various cooked dishes, but this is probably not the best use of your money.

Caviar service is performed with a plastic, wood, mother-of-pearl, or even gold utensils. The use stainless steel or silver will taint the flavor. Caviar is also used to top unsalted crackers or toast, on salads, or even as a stuffing.

Caviar should be consumed on the same day that the tin is opened. Whenever possible the caviar should be kept cold over crushed ice. If the caviar cannot be consumed in the first day, flatten the caviar in the tin and cover with a sheet of plastic wrap. Gently press the plastic wrap down over the caviar to remove air pockets and store in the refrigerator surrounded by crushed ice.

Unopened containers of fresh caviar should also be stored in the refrigerator with crushed ice. Stored in this manner, the caviar should last two to three weeks. Unopened pasteurized caviar tins typically hold for six months on the shelf.

Avoid freezing caviar because it may alter the taste and texture of the roe. If caviar has been frozen, very slowly return it to a thawed state by keeping it in the refrigerator over ice for a day or two.

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